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The Spirit of Sharing

The comfortable beds in our hostels will entice you into a relaxing sleep. 

We also offer Wi-fi, hot water, luggage storage, and drink specials for hostel guests.

Get and share extensive information on events, tours, and activities with the help of our friendly staff.  

We value the spirit of sharing…

sharing table, sharing roof, sharing experiences.

And now we are exploring new ways to share with people all across the world!

Check out our new project Travel Talks, and experience our values of sharing from the comfort of your home (or the discomfort of your bus). 


We invite you to join us...

Are you up for the adventure?


Charlotte, NC USA

"...of our very beautiful and very cozy room ~ "The banana". The abundance of maps & artwork really make the hostal feel like home,--> As well as the delicious smells wafting up from the kitchen. Great views from our window- had many laughs watching the people on the street below, and when the visability is good, the view of the mountain is lovely. Every member of the staff I met was very friendly and cool. We loved it here, if we are not totally broke by the time we leave South America, we will definitely be back!!"


"It hasn't been the quietest of places. Sometimes there was no hot water, or any water at all. But still we´ve kept combing back over and over during our visit. El Cafecito has been like our home away from home! Thank you!"



"Ich fand meinen Aufenthalt im Hostal El Cafecito von Quito seeehr angenehm. Nicht nur de Lage wegen. Vor allem wegen der angenehmen Atmosphaere und der freundlichen und nie-muede-hilfsbereiten Menschen, die dies fuehren und dort arbeiten. Es stimmt einfach alles. Ausserdem trifft man dort-ist s Zufall?- nur gut gelaunte Reisende-und auch viele Quitenos. Durch und durch empfehlenswert, fuer alle die, die Riesen geniessen wollen, antstelle "auf der Flucht" zu sein... Saludos de Alois Bohlender"


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